Monday, May 15, 2006

Beware of On-Line Lovers...

The growing popularity of chat rooms, My Space, blogs and dating services have undoubtedly produced tons of online affairs --but beware lovebirds...the internet could be as scary as your luddite friends think it is...

"It was her first time meeting the man after numerous conversations over the Internet.

But for English teacher Dissanee Thongnarkthae, it was also her last.

The man she met, Mohammad Arif, allegedly killed her and then cut up her body, reported The Nation. He is alleged to have used someone's else's photograph instead of his when he was in touch with her online. He is also said to have lied about his nationality.

Ms Dissanee, who lived in another province in Thailand, flew to Bangkok to meet Mohammad last Sunday. It was there that she is said to have found out his true identity and nationality. Furious at being duped, she is alleged to have asked Mohammad to pay for her air ticket back home.

According to Major-General Witthaya Kosiyasathit, the chief of Bangkok's Metropolitan Police Division 4, Mohammad got angry on hearing her demands.

What happened next is not clear, but Ms Dissanee and Mohammad then went to a hotel in Bangkok. There he allegedly killed her and cut up her body, placing them in two travel bags and dumping it near a petrol station." (source)

Dissanee obviously thought she "knew" this man --she flew to meet him. perhaps she even thought she was "in love". You can't be "in love" with someone on line. You can be "in lust" --but no matter how much you talk, it's an illusion until it's there everyday in your "real" life. IMO. Be careful kids, you could be cybering with Mohammad...

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