Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Andy Garcia VS. Che & Fidel

Andy Garcia was interviewed by Laura Ingraham yesterday morning about his new movie, Lost City. Garcia's a bit deadpan, but the interview was interesting and he seems like a pretty intelligent guy.

Laura asked Andy what he thought of all the college/Hollywood kids wearing Che shirts. He said that he wished they knew who he was --and what he was before they wore his likeness. He said he was pretty shocked that Che's image is one of the most reproduced images ever.

She also asked what he thought about all the celebs that have gone to Cuba to hang out with Fidel (including Oliver Stone who called him an "honest guy") Garcia said that was the reason Fidel is so dangerous --he duped an entire nation and still has so much support around the world.

When asked about the American embargo on Cuban goods --
Garcia said that people that call for the end of the embargo they don't seem to understand that Cuba already trades with the rest of the world and it doesn't benefit the people --and trading with America wouldn't help the people either. It's the government that trades and gets rich, but it's not a country were entrepreneurship is possible. He does believe the embargo should be lifted because he thinks it would take power from Castro and rob him of "an enemy".

Most of the people calling the show were Cuban-Americans who loved the movie and were so glad someone had finally portrayed Che & Fidel in an honest light. Why is it that Cubans hate Che and Fidel and (liberal) Americans lionize them? Riddle me that...

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