Monday, May 01, 2006

Actual Good and Inspiring News!...

A 14 year old girl, Brittney Richardson, who is a jr. brown belt in karate; thwarted a would-be abductor with moves she learned in class. How cool is that!?

"Leave me alone," the 14-year-old yelled as the man's hand closed around her small wrist, pulling her toward him. Instinctively, Brittney swung her right hand and landed a fist on his cheek. "I heard him thump and (moan) 'Ugh,' " when he hit the ground, she said. "I think it was the fastest I'd ever run."

For two years, Brittney has practiced martial arts at Mile High Karate in Westminster. She's done well. In that time, she's earned a brown belt.

"She did what she was taught," said her instructor, Amanda Christensen, who has a black belt. "And she did it almost step by step."

Brittney was aware of her surroundings, verbalized her warnings, stayed calm and attacked only until the danger was gone. Those are the lessons Christensen has tried to teach her students." (source)

THIS is why I have Ninja in Karate. The other day Busta was telling Ninja he could "kick someone's butt" now and the little man responded, "You learn karate so you don't have to fight". I was talking to a good friend of mine (a black belt) and told him about their conversation... He was really impressed that Ninja grasps that concept this young. I told him I'd been thinking a lot about the principles of karate -the balance --and decided that it was the same as "Peace through superior fire power" (the conservative mantra/belief). "Exactly" was his reply.

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