Friday, April 28, 2006

You Won't Hear it from the MSM or the DOD...

...but you can now read it here thanks to my Iraq hookup. Let's see, he didn't pick a name and I won't presume to choose one for him--for now we will just call him an awesome American warrior on the front line in Iraq. He has allowed me to pick through his personal journal and share with you things that I found interesting.

...this is not at all implying that building schools, distributing clothes or IEDs aren't important, I'm just saying you can get that information other places. When it comes to soldier memoir --I'm more interested in the stuff we don't hear from anyone else, stuff in their own voice... Like this:

"I heard in one of our meetings about a supposed prostitution ring that is operating here. And we found out about it from one of the soldiers wives who heard it from one of her friends in Germany who heard it from a soldier here.

The way it works is you go to pick up your laundry and tell them that they forgot your red shirt. They ask what room you are in and when you will be there. You tell them the answers to both and they say that they will bring you the shirt as soon as they can find it. At the time you gave them, there is a knock at your door. After hearing this J___, D___ and I laughed some, but we started paying attention more when we were at the laundry picking up our stuff.

A few days later J___ informs us that there was a LTC who had complained about the loss of a red pair of socks. And the rest played out like we had heard. So still not sure if this is real or not, and not that I am interested in getting first hand knowledge about the operations but my mind starts to wonder. What was the wife doing telling her husband how to get a prostitute? I am sorry but I know of no woman who will tell her Significant Other to go and purchase sexual gratification. Second since this is illegal in Iraq, and if it is this widely known that the COL’s who are running the war know about it, how is it that it has not been stopped? So I am thinking that this is one more example of deployed urban legends’.

Thanks R!!! Be safe and keep an eye on your red stuff! ;)

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