Thursday, April 27, 2006

There Was '04 Election Fraud!

It didn't involve ballot boxes or involved privileged kids, intimidation, sharp objects and Democrats...

In Milwaukee "A U.S. lawmaker's son and three Democratic campaign workers were sentenced Wednesday to four to six months in jail for slashing tires outside a Bush-Cheney campaign office on Election Day 2004. The men pleaded no contest in January to misdemeanor property damage.

The Wisconsin state Republican Party had rented more than 100 vehicles to give rides to voters and poll monitors on Nov. 2, 2004. The cars were parked outside a Republican campaign office when the tires were punctured. The vandalism left the drivers scrambling for new vehicles.

Among those sentenced Wednesday were Sowande A. Omokunde, the son of Democratic lawmaker Gwen Moore, and Michael Pratt, the son of former acting Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt." (source)

Here in the "City of brotherly Love" we are not strangers to Election Day voter intimidation... Think labor unions... And then there were the rumors of voting machines in Center City starting the day with 2,500 votes for Kerry. The thing is, even if Kerry would have won, I wouldn't be whining about it and calling it a 'stolen. election... I guess I'm just not that bad a sport.

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