Thursday, April 13, 2006

Teacher Suspended...Or Not...

...for showing his eighth grade SCIENCE class THIS VIDEO which calls repeatedly calls the President an "asshole". (Video is not work safe unless you turn off the volume or have headphones --ironic huh, NWS, but shown to 13 year olds in school...)

Steve White, a Democrat (no really?), who also made students say "John Kerry Rocks!" to get a hall pass, was running for office in the State House but has been asked by the Democratic party in Alabama to bow out of the race.

"...When reporters questioned Limestone County Superintendent Barry Carroll Thursday, he said that he talked with West Limestone High School teacher Steve White about showing the film.

"It's a personnel matter, and it's been handled," Carroll said. "Both I and Principal Stan Davis discussed the matter with him. He's not on suspension or anything like that." (source)

Though other articles are saying that White is on suspension and that he has resigned his leadership position in the local Democratic party...

Isn't it crazy that you can't have a bunny, a Christmas tree or a bible anywhere near a public school, but you can have a profanity-laden video about the President of the United States...?! Go figure.

...and yes, I swear I would be equally upset had this been about Clinton during his Presidency. It's inappropriate. (I may have said it was funny, but that it shouldn't ever be shown in a middle school).

**David Horowitz has written a book about teachers/professors gone wild…I can’t wait to get it. I never order conservative books online because I like to make the crunchies at my Barnes & Noble find them for me… ;)
The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America

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