Friday, April 14, 2006

A Tale of Two Cities: Babysitters Burning Kids...

There is a reason that I have NEVER left either of my kids with a non-family member since they were born (other than school of course...) --and here it is...


Tina Johnson (25 years old) returned her friend's two children with cigarette, cigarette lighter and iron burns (1st & 2 nd degree) on their arms and torsos and bruises on various parts of their bodies. The older son may have a broken rib. There is no explanation. She asked to take the kids --like the abuse was premeditated... She is now in police custody and her 9 year old has been placed in foster care. (source1, source2)


Bindi Issa, 19, and Habibo Mohamed, 18 ("two immigrant babysitters") were in court to face charges of burning children in their care with heated forks...a punishment they say they learned in Somalia. They face 154 years in jail. (source)

I began babysitting at 11 or 12... I never even smacked a kid's hand. To this day I don't even yell at other people's kids (and I HATE when people reprimand mine...). I don't feel it's my place. What could a five year old possibly do that would warrant (even in a sick mind) being burned with an iron?

...Maybe because of writing this blog and reading others (like Lost in Lima) --or watching too much news, but I don't trust anyone... not with my most precious possessions (and yes, they are possessions until they're 18...)

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