Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sympathy for Illegals Waning...

As predicted by yours truly (and a million others I'm sure...) a new ZOGBY poll shows that sympathy for illegals has dropped since protests began. Why would opponents to new immigration laws think that flying the American flag upside-down and holding signs of Che Guevara would ingratiate themselves to the American public?

61% say they are now "less likely to be sympathetic to the plight of illegals as a result of the protests".

32% say they are now more likely to be sympathetic.

52% were against amnesty

32% favor amnesty

"The survey also shows an overwhelming majority of Americans – nearly 4 out 5 – is doubtful President Bush and Congress will find a fair and effective solution to the immigration crisis. While 88 percent of Democrats and 85 percent of independents said it's unlikely a solution will be found, 66 percent of Republicans agreed.

Doubt about the prospect of Washington's success on the issue spreads across all geographic and racial demographics, the survey shows." (source

For those that can't seem to see why amnesty is UNWISE in light of what is going on in the world... Here it is in black and white:

"Provisions in past bills that have given amnesty to illegal aliens have been used by at least five terrorists to stay in the U.S. while planning or committing deadly attacks, a fact that critics say proves their contention that the "path to earned citizenship" in immigration bills now before the Senate constitutes a security risk.
"We are just asking for trouble, having a program like that at the moment," said Janice Kephart, former counsel to the September 11 commission and a private-sector border security consultant." (source)

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