Monday, April 17, 2006

Sticking Up for CNN...

Well, it kills me but I gotta do it...

There is a "Hispanic News" site that is promoting a national movement to get CNN's Lou Dobbs off the air. The page is called Ax AOL --they are looking to target AOL to get them to fire Lou Dobbs.

This is from the page header:

"Lou Dobbs: Self Interested Demagoguery
One who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain ratings"

Take it from someone that used to watch CNN 24/7...that is SO far from the truth... Lou Dobbs is SO ahead of the curve on the illegal immigration issue. He isn't jumping on some "popular prejudice" bandwagon at all --he has been yelling about this for years. This is his honest-to-goodness quest and an issue that he has been passionate about WAY before the Minutemen brought it into the national discussion.

I hate to break it to them, but apparently A LOT of Americans agree with Lou. The New York Times reported that CNN's abysmal ratings have finally taken a turn up...during Dobb's show.

"Mr. Dobbs, who previously had a long-running and successful financial news-based program on CNN, said he had never held back on offering his opinions.

"I've been doing this three decades," he said. "I know whereof I speak on the political economy. I don't come to a conclusion out of thin air because of some partisan or ideological viewpoint, but rather with an analysis of the facts."

He said he did not believe that traditional objective journalism brought people closer to the truth. Asked if he himself knew what the truth was, Mr. Dobbs said: "I have strong feelings that I do. I have strong evidence I do."

CNN certainly has reason to celebrate Mr. Dobbs's expanding profile on the immigration issue. His program, which was up 24 percent in total viewers over the same period last year, is the only good news story in CNN's evening and prime-time lineup, which was otherwise down across the board in ratings for the past quarter." (source)

This man is no talking head...he has a Harvard degree in economics and has won tons of awards—besides, I dare you to find me someone that ties a better tie knot...

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