Friday, April 07, 2006

South Park Last Night...

Did anyone else see last night's episode of South Park... Forget the Scientology episode, this one was about the Mohammad cartoons and The Man and I were dying!

The best part of the show was when all the kids of SP are forced to go to Muslim sensitivity training (because they don't understand why it's wrong that Family Guy is going to have Mohammad on the show --or why Fox subsequently censored the image). The teacher explains that in Islam the rules are:
He goes on to say (paraphrased) "Picture it's Friday night and you can't have sex, you can't jack off and there's probably sand in your eyes and the crack of your butt...and then some country is drawing pictures of your esteemed prophet AND getting laid".

Trey Parker and Matt Stone were really taking a jab at how American media handled the whole cartoon issue --and it's "To Be Continued" to next week. South Park actually won a Peabody award for its Katrina coverage.

I think you might be able to see the whole episode here...

If your media player won't play that The Political Bull has a clip of the show posted...

Now, as all the uptight members of the right jump on the South Park bandwagon -just remember, I made the South Park Republican button in my side bar over a year ago...;)

If you can catch the re-run of this episode on Comedy Central this week, I highly recommend it!

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