Sunday, April 02, 2006

Some Pretty Cool Stuff...

  • What if three years ago someone would have told you there would be a "Protest Warrior" sticker on a painting of Saddam in Iraq...?

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  • The ACLU Song –South Park Edit

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    Anti-PC League

  • If you've never browsed through Keystone Soldiers' "Shoes for Iraqi Kids" photo album --you've missed SOME GREAT PICTURES

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  • Blackfive has a story up about an entire squad over in Iraq that re-enlisted together --does that sound like low moral to you?

  • Did you know that Sean from Doc in the Box is back in Iraq? His dad found Tom Fox's Blog (the Human Shield that was killed in Iraq).

  • American Soldier is back in the states healing from his injuries and spending time with his wife.
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