Monday, April 10, 2006

Smoking Bans Create Alcoholics...?

...That's the jist of the claim that is being made by England's premier information gathering corporation, Datamonitor.

The report states that smoke-free pubs will increase the number of female patrons and these females will consume a larger number of alcoholic beverages than they normally would.

"...Because women are marrying later, they are spending more time in pubs and other venues that serve alcohol, where they are more likely to meet men.

The rise in alcohol consumption among women is causing serious concern for the Government. Doctors say liver disease is now being seen in younger people.

Prof Moira Plant, a specialist in alcohol studies based at the University of West of England, said: "There are now young women in their late teens and early twenties developing liver damage that in the past was not being seen until the age of 60 or 70." (source)

You all know how I feel about the smoking ban thing anyway. Even if I was a non-smoker, this is highly offensive to the libertarian side of me... We are talking about BARS -dens of iniquity... not daycare centers...

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