Thursday, April 06, 2006

Self Deprecating Humor...

Yeah, just found this in the "embarrassing 80's" archives (i.e. one of my many photo albums). It was too good not to share... Go ahead; I'm all for a good laugh... even if it's at my expense.

Since you all played along so well, I will reward you with the pièce de résistance. No, I will not explain it though... ;)

Circa 1987:

(...Speaking of the 80's, I have Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil up at 100 Records today.)

Thank goodness others have decided to share too:

It's Russ from Winterset. OMG, how cute was he in his Don Johnson gear!

Courtney was a Mod Girl
Nimbus- ever the rocker
MJ just met my old flame

Anyone else? :)

AfSister's '85 Prom
Shawna's 80's pic (My Opinions are Free)

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