Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rainy Sunday Fun...

...well, it's raining here anyway. Of course all week it was beautiful, 72º and sunny and now it's been cold, windy and rainy all weekend...

So I was playing around with this site called, which I first read about on IMAO. You upload your picture to their site and it scans your facial features and gives you celebrities that have similar feature structure...

Here are my results:

Jeff Goldblum?! Can I go kill myself now? :)

...and The Man's results:

Haha...He got mostly women, and look at that, he does look like Ava Gardner!

Busta got: Heather Graham, Katie Holmes, Ricky Martin, Micsha Barton and Christina Ricci.
Ninja also got Katie Holmes and Christina Ricci.

Anyway, go was fun.
(*If you want your results on your blog, you'll have to make them yourselves --unless you know how to copy Macromedia...which I don't)

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