Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pink's New Song - Artists Have been There and Done that Since 1942

The song is called "Dear Mr. President"...but before you think Pink is the least bit creative or original, know that many other artists have recorded songs of the same or similar titles for both Democrat and Republican presidents. The gripes don't change...just the Presidents and the artists.

Reporters are treating her like this major rebel, but doing this song makes her about as common as a singer can get.

In 1942, The Almana Singers sang "Dear Mr. President" to FDR claiming they didn't always agree with him but they needed to pull together to take out Hitler.

In 1992, 4 Non-Blondes sang "Dear Mr. President" to the first President Bush. It's pretty innocuous and the most radical idea proposed is that "the man is burning the USA down".

In 1998, Master P released "Dear Mr. President" and it was aimed at President Clinton and makes the claim, "The Pres likes weed and hoes".

In 1999, 2Pac released "Letter to the President" -where he asks Clinton "what he's smokin'?"

So, you see, this is not an original idea--and the content of Pink's song is pretty identical to the rest of them. “There are poor people and how can you sleep... blah, blah, blah”. Isn't it funny that these rich artists (limousine liberals) are always blaming someone in government for the poor –Has it escaped their notice that we live in a Capitalistic society and not a socialist one. Do they realize that they most likely make more money than anyone in the White House or on Capitol Hill?

See, here's my issue with Pink... She's not very intelligent and she opens her mouth to do more than sing.

She sang her new song "Stupid girl" on the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards and Justice was like, "Mom, isn't this a cool song?"

My response? "No, and you know why it's not cool Justice, because Pink is indeed herself a "Stupid Girl". She was a well-off juvenile delinquent who didn't go to college because she was lazy. Some people scrub other people’s toilets to put themselves through college and her daddy could have afforded to send her, but she chose not to. She is making fun of other girls in this song for being uneducated when she herself is uneducated--listen to one interview with her and that becomes very apparent. She is also making fun of girls for caring about how they dress, but have you ever seen her in Toughskin jeans and a Hemp shirt? People like her because they think she's shocking--well she's not shocking and she's making no revelations."

Ok, so maybe the diatribe was a little much for a seven year old, but I won't have him idolizing undeserving people... If he's going to idolize Musicians it's going to be ones that actually possess some musical talent.

(...quick aside. The 'house drummer' at the Kid's Choice Awards was wearing a Che Guevara shirt. Lovely.)

I know a few of the sites on the right are getting all worked up over this song, but don't. Pink is about as "common" and "clique" as the music industry gets... She can't decide whether she's rap or rock and now she wants to be folk too. ...And besides all that, you should pity her 'cause lord her neck has to hold up that freakishly large head... :)

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