Thursday, April 06, 2006

Next Conspiracy Theory...

Ok Spike Lee, I have your next documentary...but I expect a mention in the credits.

I am guessing that since the whole "we blew up the levees on purpose" thing didn't really take hold, maybe this is the next grand plot to kill all the Black people. The next kill the poor Black people conspiracy to be perpetrated by Sharpton and his ilk:

From the Washington Post:
"Black-Oriented TV has more fast food commercials"

"There are far more ads for fast food and snacks on black-oriented TV than on channels with more general programming, researchers report in a provocative study that suggests a link to high obesity rates in black children.

The results come from a study that lasted just one week in the summer. Commercials on Black Entertainment Television, the nation's first black-targeted cable channel, were compared with ads during afternoon and evening shows on the WB network and Disney Channel. Of the nearly 1,100 ads, more than half were for fast food and drinks, such as sodas.

The studies clearly illustrate "that the media have disturbing potential to negatively affect many aspects of children's healthy development," Amy Jordan of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at University of Pennsylvania wrote in a journal editorial." (source)

I hate the mentality that assumes people must do what they're told. How many fast food and soda commercials have I seen in my life? Ask anyone that knows me how often they see me eating fast food or drinking soda... The answer is hardly ever (maybe 1 or 2 times a year).

If your kid is fat...he/she shouldn't be at McDonalds regardless of what race you are. If your kid wants the Happy Meal toy, get them the fruit, nut and yogurt salad and BUY the damn toy separately.... Shame on you parents of porkers, stay out of the drive-thru!

So anyway, can you see the HBO Documentary in your mind: Levees and Big Macs?

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