Monday, April 10, 2006

The "New Malcolm X"...

It's being reported by the London Telegraph (with claims they got exclusive prison access) that John Walker Lindh, The American Taliban, is earning a new reputation behind bars. This is the article that caused a mixture of nausea, skepticism and annoyance.

The reporter is basically making the claim that Lindh is such a peaceful, great guy that he is winning over all the prisoners...even the ones that called him "traitor" when he arrived. He has been fully embraced by The Nation --and unfortunately, as The Man pointed out, that probably means that he's fully protected and hasn't had the pleasure of a "girlfriend" named Bubba.

"According to Shakeel Syed, his religious adviser, Lindh commands such stature and esteem inside the prison that he is developing into a "softer version" of Malcolm X, the fiery black American Islamic leader who spent much of his life condemning whites as the enemy, only to mellow and preach a message of racial harmony after a pilgrimage to Mecca. "I've told Hamzah that he could become the new Malcolm X," said Mr Syed, the quietly spoken director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California. "I'm talking about the later Malcolm X who transcended racist sentiments and nationalism." (source)

The "headline" under his picture says: "Converted". I can't shake the feeling that this is agenda-driven...but maybe I am just getting jaded in my old age...

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