Thursday, April 20, 2006

Military Tidbits...

More proof that our troops are evil and heartless and don’t care about civilians...

The 10th Mt. Div. is de-worming goats and sheep in Afghanistan:

Emperor Darth Misha I has the story behind this picture posted:

John, over at The Castle, has a great post about Milblogging:
The Enemy is Reading --and so is the FBI and CIA it seems...

CBFTW recently spoke at Ithaca College during their "War is Complex" week. I'd be really interested to hear how the discussions went and what turnout was like... I wish I could have gone up.

IMO, way cooler than blogging from theater are the ever-emerging war video diaries. The fairly new site YouTube has a lot available (search keyword: Iraq) These videos (both highly produced and very amateur) contain tons of pics and video that haven't been seen before --I don't know what the military is going to think about video being posted in real time with non-DOD approved footage, but I’ve been enjoying watching while it lasts.
Here is one of the better produced videos:

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