Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Liberalism, Communism & McCarthyism

Humor me while I quickly post about one of my personal historical obsessions...

I have always found the McCarthy/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg era of our history fascinating. I try to read everything I can find (from all perspectives) and watch every documentary/special about this time in history.

One MAJOR misconception you tend to hear from the left is that Sen. Joe McCarthy was part of the HUAC (House Committee on Un-American Activities) committee that created the "Hollywood blacklist" (bolstered by subsequent information from the VENONA project). This is wrong. If this post does anything, let it set that straight --McCarthy was NOT a member of HUAC (It was formed before he was even elected). It should be obvious just from McCarthy's title... He was a member of the Senate, not the House.

He was, however, part of the Tydings Committee (a subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) that was set up in February 1950 to conduct "a full and complete study and investigation as to whether persons who are disloyal to the United States are, or have been, employed by the Department of State". The chairman of the subcommittee, Sen. Millard Tydings, a Democrat, set the tone for the hearings on the first day when he told McCarthy: "You are in the position of being the man who occasioned this hearing, and so far as I am concerned in this committee you are going to get one of the most complete investigations ever given in the history of this Republic, so far as my abilities will permit." (source)

Vilify McCarthy all you want, but many of his fears and accusations certainly panned out. There was a plan from the highest levels of the Soviet Government to infiltrate Hollywood (Red Star Over Hollywood). There were many Communists in America's high offices (Alger Hiss for example who was, not surprisingly, involved with the early United nations). Communism was the Islamofacism of that time --Hollywood and the left stood with those that would destroy us and turned a blind eye to the Cold War then and are repeating history and mocking the GWOT now.

For a quick and interesting point of view about the beginning of Communism in the Hollywood of the late 40's and Hollywood today -This AIM (Accuracy in Media) article is pretty interesting and interviews Pat Boone about the current conservative/Christian blacklist in Hollywood.

I say, whoever gets as serious about Islamic terrorism as McCarthy was about Communism will take the Oval office in '08...

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