Monday, April 03, 2006

Judge orders "No Sex"

A 20 year old named Jaclyn Helsel had two babies seven months apart and threw the second child out with the trash.

"Helsel had to do more than satisfy the $35,000 bond. She had to agree not to have sexual intercourse, and to not even associate with any male over the age of 15 unless she's supervised.

"It's reasonable because it will prevent another unwanted pregnancy," Prosecutor Julia Lynch said.

Lynch pointed out that Helsel was already the mother of two when she got pregnant again, and her second child was only 7 months old when the third baby was born.

Lynch said Helsel is not a naive teenager, but an experienced adult who must be held fully responsible for what she did. Lynch said she's comfortable with the release, even though the terms are difficult to enforce." (source)

...I guess the next step is Ciggy's mandatory sterilization and I can't say I'd disagree. How can this order possibly be enforced?

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