Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Won't Say Who Needs These, But...

...there has been a novel new development in bean preparation. That's right, "fart-free beans"...coming soon to a grocery store near you?

"Beans cooked with a pinch of bacteria means diners can tuck in without the explosive results, scientists say. Researchers from Venezuela say two strains of bacteria are the key to producing fart-free beans....

...In spite of being part of the staple diets of these populations, their consumption is limited by the flatulence they produce." Smart cooks know they can ferment beans, and make them less gas-inducing, by cooking them in the juices from a previous batch.

When the researchers fermented black beans with the two bacteria, they found it decreased the soluble fibre content by more than 60% and lowered levels of raffinose, a compound known to cause gas, by 88%." (source)

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