Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Flight 93 Movie...Too Soon or Poignant Reminder?

A movie about United Flight 93 is being released this month. You can watch the trailer here.

It seems that people are asking for the trailer to be pulled from theaters --that movie-goers are crying and saying it's "too soon". (The film is not yet rated).

"Adam Fogelson, Universal's president of marketing, said the trailer, which was pulled from AMC Loews Lincoln Square 12 Theater in Manhattan on Saturday after complaints from patrons, would be shown only before R-rated movies or "grown-up" PG-13 ones. He said the trailer was created to give a candid sense of the film itself, which opens at the end of the month.

"The film is not sanitized or softened, it's an honest and real look" at the events on United Airlines Flight 93, Mr. Fogelson said. "If I sanitized the trailer beyond what's there, am I suggesting that the experience will be less real than what the movie itself is? We as a company feel comfortable that it is a responsible and fair way to show what's coming." (source)

I disagree with those who want it pulled --and so does Rush:

"Too soon? It's been too long! People have forgotten what it's all about. This movie would serve the purpose of reminding everybody why we are in the posture that we're in, why we have to assume the responsibilities, and why it's crucial who leads the nation in future years in this effort. You know, I just think this is just typical of many in the American left. Oh, they can huff and puff, go out and show Fahrenheit 9/11 all day long, they can go watch that. They can go watch garbage and lies that their documentarians and so-called comedians make and it's never too soon to watch any of that. We can go watch all these movies that try to prove Bush lied and that Bush was in this for oil and that all this is trumped up and fake and phony and unnecessary. Let reality rear its head, "Oh, no, I can't be confronted with reality, why, that is too soon, too painful." It's not just a New York mentality.

This is happening in cities around the country, "It's too soon." So theater owners are not even showing trailers. What's going to happen, mark my words, what's going to happen because of this, when this movie does hit the screen -- I don't even know when it's scheduled to be released -- when it hits the screen, this kind of controversy, and who knows it may even be Hollywood-stoked, is going to cause people to go see this movie in droves. Any time you have people saying, "No, I can't bear to watch it, it's too soon." "Ooh! What is it? They know from a trailer it's... oh, gosh, I can't wait to see this." You watch and see if it just doesn't manifest itself that way." ~Rush Limbaugh (source)

Will it be hard to watch? Of course. It's still hard for me to watch The Passion of the Christ, Amistad, Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan --and I wasn't there for those tragedies. This will be hard, but I plan to see it when it's released. It will be one of the few movies I will brave the theater for...

United 93: Opens April 28, 2006

Do you think it's too soon?

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