Friday, April 21, 2006

Eh Tu Blair?

One can only surmise from Jack Straw's speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia yesterday that Britain is seriously toning down their previous resistance to Hamas.

Two things really stood out:

"Hamas now leads the government and we would like to have normal relations with them as we have had with previous governments."

He qualified this with requests for Hamas to renounce terrorism (they sponsor and encourage terrorism) and honor peace treaties...

Recognition of Israel does "not mean a formal declaration by Hamas, but just a practical acceptance of the 'reality' of the Jewish state."

"The Telegraph also noted that Straw "is said to believe that re-writing the Hamas charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel, is not a precondition for dialog."

The remarks by Britain's top diplomat come just days after the Hamas government gave its stamp of approval to the slaughter of nine Israelis by a "Palestinian" homicide bomber in Tel Aviv." (source)

Why would Blair do this? Our strongest ally in the war against terror? The man, who after 9/11, said "Their barbarism shall be their shame"... This site claims to have the inside scoop...

"Britain and France are competing for large-scale arms deals with Saudi Arabia and multi-billon dollar contracts to build a new electronic fence enclosing the border between the oil kingdom and Iraq.

Straw’s main mission in Riyadh was to gain the edge for London over Paris. To this end, three days after Hamas justified a Palestinian suicide bombing which killed 9 people in Tel Aviv, he was willing to back down from the three main US-EU provisos for accepting a Hamas government." (source)

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