Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The DNC "Plan"...

I spent the weekend reading all the lefty sites... Wow! What a treasure-trove of post-worthy information...why didn't I think of that before?! If only I was good at stand-up comedy...

So there was a wave of excitement rolling through the left'o'sphere over Dean's new opus...the "Six point DNC Plan" to take back Congress this year and the Oval Office in '08. He made the speech while he was in New Orleans. Brace yourselves...

1) Raise Minimum wage
2) Fair taxes for the middle class
3) Ban gifts and travel for lobbyists
4) Cargo inspection
5) Fix Medicare
6) "Transition" in Iraq

I thought they said it was the Right that needed "bumper sticker slogans" --short and sweet. Easy to comprehend...that the left was nuanced. Over at the blog-for-hire they were pretty pumped about this "plan" --pretty confident it would win it all back for them. In all fairness a few of them also stated they were "proud" Teddy *hiccup* Kennedy was their Senator too --so we may not be dealing with full decks here...

Here's what stood out to me:
1) Raising the minimum wage hurts small business owners (i.e. the middle class)
2) What is "fair"? Does that mean taxes should be higher or lower (because families of four have gained an average of $3000/yr under Bush)
3) Does anyone in America really care about lobbyists? Is this a bit odd stuck in the middle when we are at war with two countries and have three waiting in the wings?
4) Everyone wants safe ports, but from all I've read this is nothing but an election buzz phrase and inspecting every container is not only astronomical but improbable.
5) Once again, are we at war?
6) The LAST item? Iraq is last? Wasn't this their biggest talking point? And a "transition"? What does that mean?

Weak. I'd be pretty embarrassed if this is what the GOP spat out after all these months.

...and, unless they do get Congress back --all of this is moot because they can promise all they want, but if there is still a GOP controlled Congress in '08, they won't have the votes...

...so there.

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