Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dedicated to Desult

...Who has just graduated from "Ft. Lost in the Woods" and is now in AZ at AIT. This girl is amazing-- read the list of all that she endured health-wise and then know that she received the "Army Physical Fitness Award":
"This award is presented to Soldiers that have excelled in Physical Fitness by demonstrating superior performance, meeting the Army Standard, and scoring the highest in their unit on the Army Physical Fitness Test." Possible 300 Pts.
Desult got 300 out of 300.
Congratulations girl!

For all the people who wonder why I like hockey and think all other sports are boring... Wonder no more:

(If you don't know Desult, you may not understand why I dedicated this post to her...aside from being great to party with and a kick-ass solider...she is also a killer ice hockey player.)

(H/T: TrekMedic251)

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