Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Christian University, Not So Christian...

A Southern Baptist affiliated college in Williamsburg, Kentucy, University of the Cumberlands, has expelled a student for being gay. It seems the school read his MySpace page and the University President claims that students know the rules before they enroll in the school.

I am sure that's true (that students know what is expected of them)... I attended a school like this one and most of my high school classmates went on to Messiah College, Liberty University, Eastern or Bob Jones University--where the lists of rules are long and petty.

"School officials said that although the 2003-04 policy did not explicitly mention homosexuality, it did say that students must "conduct themselves, on and off the campus, in a manner which is consistent with the objectives of the College and with its standards of conduct."

Renee Kuder, a University of the Cumberlands senior and a friend of Johnson, says many students worry they'll be punished if they discuss the case online or in the media. Some students declined to comment for this story, or did not return messages.

The school did not comment on the issue yesterday.

But some students are publicly questioning the school's values, Kuder said. Many wore shirts yesterday with "God loves my gay friends" printed on them and are waiting for Johnson to let them know the best response to the university.

"They're being hypocritical, by Christian standards," Kuder said. "If we love each other, accept each other for who we are, why are they kicking him out? I almost feel like they're trying to mold us, me, into a person that I wouldn't want to be.

"There's a letter in the student handbook that says everyone is a unique creation of God, you're special, we care about you. They didn't care if he didn't have a place to go. They could have pretty much ruined his life." (source)

Here's the thing though...are they expelling students that take the Lord's name in vain?, that have pre-marital sex?, that lie? that are caught with pornography? For lusting in their heart over the soccer coach? For envying their roommates pocketbooks and shoes?

What ever happened to hate the sin -love the sinner? Unless they are expelling people for all the offenses I have listed above, Jason Johnson's expulsion was wrong. Even if the school board believes homosexuality is a choice and a is it different from any other sin in God's eyes? ...THIS is why I no longer attend an organized church. I can't stand to watch "The Church" consistently alienating people instead of drawing them in...

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