Friday, April 21, 2006

Check Your Pennies...

A coin collector is putting three pennies -each worth over $200- into circulation. He spent the first one yesterday buying a pretzel on the street in New York...and he's not saying where he'll spend the rest. He's doing it to raise interest in coin collecting.

"Scott Travers, Coin Collector: "I want people to look at their pocket change and understand there's excitement and the potential for profit."

And what a profit it is. He is circulating a 1914 'D' (minted in Denver) Lincoln cent valued at $300. He's already released a 1908 'S' (for San Francisco) Indian Head penny valued at $200, and today he'll release a 1909 'S VDB' valued at a whopping $1,000 on the streets.

Here's what to look for on that 1909, $1,000 penny:

On the back, on the bottom, between the two stocks of wheat are the initials 'VDB' for the man who engraved the coin." (source)

I hope The Man doesn't get one...he throws all his pennies in the street. I also hope the boys don't find out about it or they'll drive me insane looking at pennies for the rest of my life...

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