Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bush, Please Stop Catering... the Left.

They will never respect you -or accept you Mr. President. You control the House and the Senate and have no need to pander to people that will despise you no matter what you do. Get over it and keep the promises you made to your base and to the millions of people that voted for you. Democrats move to the center before elections to trick Independents into voting for them --Conservatives DO NOT move to the center after they're already won the election for their second term.

Stop with the "Americans are addicted to oil" crap. Of course we are. We are a thriving, growing nation. ...and maybe if environmentalists hadn't closed all of our refineries and we were drilling in ANWAR we wouldn't be hurting so bad right now.

"It is no program to say use less energy." -Ronald Reagan (source)

..And what's with the amnesty talk? I don't get it? Are we in a "Global War on Terror"? Did hijackers get into this country illegally and kill 3000 Americans?

I know it must be terrible to have so many people saying so many horrible things about you all the time...but now is not the time to get soft. Experts all say we are overdue for a terrorist attack --why make it easier? For what? So they stop drawing you as a monkey or Cheney's puppet? They won't -regardless of what you do --so buck up and keep your eye on the

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