Monday, April 10, 2006

"Body Worlds"

Yesterday The Man took the boys to the Franklin Institute. Justice has been dying to see Gunther von Hagens' "Body Worlds" (OK, that was a poor choice of words). Anyway, aside from spending an absolute fortune they had a great time...

I was surprised when The Man told me there were protestors outside the museum because of the exhibit. It's been there since the beginning of October --have they been protesting for six months? I wish he would've taken their literature so I could have seen their arguments...

If you are unfamiliar with von Hagens' work, you can look at the site I have linked. I realize it's not for everyone, but I think it's fascinating. I have a little problem with the way some of the figures are posed and the fact that it's $25 ON TOP of the $20 museum admission to get in...but as for the ethics/morality of it --I don't have a problem with it. Then again, I fascinated with the Mutter Museum, freak shows and documentaries/specials about any physical maybe I'm not the best one to make the judgment.

According to this editorial the Franklin Institute had and ethics panel complete with priests and rabbis before they okayed the exhibit. Opponents say that there is no way they could have received "informed consent" from everyone (there are children and infants in the exhibit).

It will only be here for another 3 weeks --I think it's also in Houston right now... has anyone else seen it? Do others have a problem with this type of exhibit?

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