Friday, April 28, 2006

Apes Granted "Human Rights"?

I understand that there will never be a nationwide consensus over abortion, embryonic research, the death penalty and 'torture' as many feel these human rights issues are subjective...but I have to believe that even the most pro-choice among us would have to find it odd that in Spain (where abortion and embryonic stem cell research is legal) there is now legislation to give apes "human rights"... even Amnesty International is shocked.

"Observers might be excused for thinking that the move by the vigorously anti-Catholic socialist government of Spain was intended as a dig at the Vatican. Recent history shows a propensity for in-your-face gestures pointed at Rome including, particularly, the abolition of traditional marriage, and refusing to allow judges to opt out of witnessing homosexual unions for religious reasons.

The idea of “human” rights for great apes is possibly a stab at what secularists regard as “retrograde” Christian ideas about the hierarchical nature of creation with man, as the image of God, at the top.

While the socialists are passing legislation intended as rude gestures to the Church, Pope Benedict continues to warn against the extreme secularization of Europe and the looming economic and social consequences of the plummeting birth rate.

Currently, the birth rate in once-fervently Catholic Spain stands among the lowest in Europe. A recent article appearing in the UK political magazine, the Spectator, suggested that a culturally and historically European Spain will soon find itself contracepted and aborted out of existence." (source)

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