Sunday, April 30, 2006

Alternative Energy

First, I want to say that on Fox and Friends Friday morning they used my exact Evian analogy when talking about gas prices --three days after the original post... Hmmmm....

Second, I came across an old article (old being a month or two) that I never blogged on in which Al Gore was predicting the end of the world -- I find it's always more interesting to combine stories that relate to get the whole picture...

So, we have Al Gore claiming the actions of the Evil Bush/Cheney/Halliburton/Republican conglomerate will be the end of all that is mankind and we also have reports being released claiming that the air quality in the US has improved.
Of course it's not all good news, there are 368 counties that have unhealthy level of pollution. But, what I find interesting --even though this is the fault of the EBCHRC...almost all of the polluted cities are BLUE cities...

"Cities that rank among the worst in the nation for both pollutants include: Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, Hanford and Visalia in California; New York City; Newark, New Jersey; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Washington D.C.; Baltimore; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Cleveland, Ohio, and St. Louis, Missouri." (source)

In an example of complaining about air quality and alternative energy, but not wanting anything done about it that effects you I offer up Senator Teddy Kennedy and the continuing "wind power debate".
The seemingly oft-drunk Senator can continually bloviate about oil dependence and evil gas guzzling Republicans...but when a wind farm is proposed all the liberals at Cape Cod freak out...their precious view would be tainted.... I wish most Americans knew about this as they listened to the hypocrisy. Where would be a good place for it Teddy? The ninth war in New Orleans; I mean that already looks like crap right?

"Kennedy, who has been under fire from fellow liberals for trying to kill the Cape Wind project just miles offshore from his family’s Hyannis compound, said he “strongly supports” a measure he’s pushing that would allow a Massachusetts governor to veto any wind facility on Nantucket Sound." (source)

So, everyone talks about "sacrifice" and changing our ways, but when even the most vocal among us won't actually do it... What are we to think?

Most of us are just trying to get to work and get our kids to school --we're not protecting our glorious view or taking private planes...

...and if you think you're being energy conscience spending your hard-earned cash on a Prius or the new Honda Civic Hybrid --you've most likely been hornswoggled.

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