Friday, March 31, 2006

Where's the ACLU?

This is the kind of case I want to see the ACLU start taking if they want to convince many of us that they aren't pursuing an anti-Christian agenda...

"The United States Supreme Court may hear a case involving a school district's censorship of an art poster that a kindergartener drew for a school assignment -- a drawing that was partly suppressed by school officials because it contained the child's depiction of Jesus.

The case involves Antonio Peck, who was a kindergarten student in the late 1990s at Baldwinsville Elementary School in Syracuse, New York. The boy's teacher told members of the class to draw posters illustrating their understanding of the environment. Antonio's poster featured children holding hands and encircling the globe and people picking up trash and recycling, along with a picture of Jesus, kneeling with one knee to the ground and his hands outstretched toward the sky.

School officials folded the poster in half in order to cover up the drawing of Christ. They claimed the picture violated "church and state" and would give the impression that the school was teaching religion, even though the drawing was clearly a student's artwork.

...the fold made Antonio's look odd and the student's name on the poster was cut in half, and he felt ashamed of his displayed work, especially after school officials informed him and his parents why his poster was folded. The child assumed he had done something wrong, and when school officials refused to apologize, rectify the situation, or adopt a policy to prevent future censorship, Liberty Counsel filed suit on the Peck family's behalf." (source1, source2)

Here are some of the recent cases they are hard at work on...
Appealing a court decision allowing pro-life license plates.

Making sure pregnant woman that are drug/alcohol addicted don't get in any trouble for that.

Attempting to draw the UN into the NSA wiretapping debate

Turning a blind eye to separation of Church and State when it comes to Islam...

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