Thursday, March 09, 2006

We have to Talk Abortion Again... and Catholicism

What's a girl to do when it's in the news... We gotta go there again.

First, I guess I understand people that are pro-choice not wanting the call what they are lobbying to rid themselves of a baby. That would be mean. But now they don't even want people calling it an embryo. Actually this is going to be more of a scathing admonishment of Catholics than the pro-choice crowd...we already know they're morally bankrupt.... Let me explain...

The reason the word is being changed from embryo to MATERIAL is to make the Catholic Senators feel better about voting for it. I guess it's like when Catholics get marriages (that have produced children) annulled so they can get married again. So if the bill SAID embryo they couldn't vote for it, but if it SAYS "material" they can vote for it even though it's still a friggin' embryo?! Just like, there is no such thing as an annulment when you had sex and if you have children you obviously had sex. That just means you are willing to make your kids bastards for semantics...

"Democratic lawmakers have changed the word "embryo" to "material" in a bill for embryonic stem-cell research to secure the votes of Catholic senators who did not want to be viewed as supporting abortion-related legislation.
"They didn't want to vote for a bill that had the language embryo in it," said Sen. Paula C. Hollinger, Baltimore County Democrat and the bill's sponsor.
The bill, which appears certain of passage as early as today, calls for the state to spend $10 million for research on cells extracted from human embryos to create treatments" (source)

Very bothersome to me…

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