Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Theaters Suck

Okay, there was one thing that did really bother me about the Academy Awards the other night... It was a three-hour commercial for theaters. The Hollywood community is obviously so upset that box office sales are plummeting they had to mention how much better things look on the big screen every five minutes.

What I have to say about that is --THANK GOD FOR PIRACY! Now the movies come out so quick to DVD ...remember the days when you had to wait a year or two? I don't buy pirated movies because I like to own the real case, but it sure lit a fire under Hollywood's collective ass.

Theater-smeater...if I had a movie-style popcorn maker in my living room, I would NEVER go to the theater. I always end up behind Sammy Sikh with a turban or Belinda Beehive...kids talking, babies crying, cell phones ringing some annoying tune, uncomfortable seats, the fear of lice, no place to put my purse and my feet sticking to the floor with black JuJu Bees. What could be better than my own couch, in front of my own flat screen and a pause button for smoke breaks...?

Hollywood get over it --none of you go to the local Cineplex either...you all sit in your private home theaters. Just think, if this keeps up you may have to start shopping at Target with the rest of the peons.

Also, a bitter commentary on why some people think Crash won over Brokeback Mountain.

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