Friday, March 31, 2006

Swann has the Lead! (PA Governor's Race)

Sorry, this is a 'local interest' thing...but Lynn Swann has a lead over Gov. Ed Rendell. Now most people think that Rendell is unbeatable --he has tons of money and all the Union (Labor) backing. But Swann has a name and some Superbowl rings and I'm OK with that (The same reason I want Fred Thompson to run in '08), if 'name recognition' gets a conservative in office -then so be it.

Some may not know that JFK won his first election because his father paid someone with the same name as the favorite candidate to run -this (brilliant) maneuver led to two people of the same name on the ballot which split the vote and opened the door for John F. Kennedy...

I guess when you live in a country where more people vote for the next American Idol than vote in primary doesn't hurt to have a gimmick (or a name).

My bumper sticker has been on the Jeep for about a month now! Go Lynn!

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