Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sexual Predator Goes Free...

I better hear Bill O'Reilly freaking out over this like he has over all the other judges and prosecutors that let pedophiles go... None of this double standard BS...

Child Molester Debra Lafave gets off scot-free. You remember, she was the one that told a judge she was much “too pretty” to go to jail. And ID, before you say a word --would she have gotten off if she looked like this?

"Prosecutors here dropped charges Tuesday against a former teacher accused of having sex with a middle school student.

The teacher, Debra Lafave, offered her "deepest apologies" to the 14-year-old boy and his family.

Lafave, 25, said she is undergoing therapy for bipolar disorder and was "very remorseful" about the events that led to her arrest in June 2004.

"I am a strong Christian woman," she said. "I believe that God has a path for me, and this was just a bump in the road." (source)

So, now bi-polar disorder is a free-ticket in our legal system for a student to have sex with a pre-pubescent boy? What happens when the next creepy guy uses this case as precedent when he decides to grope some kid in the math lab?

I know we discussed this before when I posted about The Biggest American Double Standard --this was one of the first times a discussion here was split completely by gender and not party lines... You pigs. ;)

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