Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The "Refuseniks"

I know...I always say "this is the best article...go read it", but this is a 'worth the read' article yet again.

It discusses all that's tied up in the "Bush Lied, people Died" crowd and how they are denouncing the Saddam regime documents before all of them are even translated. You see, Bush has to have lied because they published books and articles about it --even with that title, so they can't see any other possibility. They are panicking that they will be the joke that history looks back on with disdain for pretending the threat to American life is a figment of the right-wing imagination...

"Let's recap. The US intelligence consensus was that Saddam wouldn't invade Kuwait in 1990. They were totally unaware that Saddam was operating a "Manhattan Project"-sized nuclear weapons program until after the 1991 Gulf War. They were a bit off on the status of Saddam's wmd programs in the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate. Imagine if they also blew it on the extent of the relationship between Saddam and al Qaeda.

All of the above pretty much encapsulates the current media view. Because they cannot even entertain the possibility that they may have been wrong, there isn't any new evidence that can possibly be produced." (This is just the last paragraph, read the whole thing -it's short).

If those documents do show a relationship between Saddam's regime and Bin Laden/al Qaeda... how many books will get pulled from shelves? How many blogs will close? How many non-profits will crumble? ...But best of all, how loud and how many times will we get to say "I told you so!" ;)

Speaking of this crowd (or more specifically, the moonbatty Charlie Sheen crowd), someone sent me an email yesterday with a subject line that read -"Terrorists Didn't Blow Up the WTC?!" (the CC list was pretty good too -aside from me it went to Dick Cheney, someone at the NY Islanders, a bunch of people at Fox and Michelle Malkin)
There was a video attachment that I will link here for your tin-foil hat viewing pleasure:
George W. Bush planted bombs in the World Trade Center

...and, THIS is how I feel about this subject...

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