Monday, March 06, 2006

A Rape Tree Grows Out West

Have you heard of this faucet of illegal immigration? Rape Trees? I hadn't until last week.

Reason #4,323 to support the Minutemen...

It seems that when woman employ the "guides" that take you across the Mexican -U.S. border (called "Coyotes"), one thing these women must endure is the routine practice of being raped and as a visual reminder to all that come after --her bloodstains are left in the dirt and her panties are hung from the branches of a tree.

"This is the picture that pro-immigration advocates don't want you to see....

It is time the American people put a stop to the travesty of our open borders. It is time to understand that "open borders" means they are open to every kind of evil, including gang rape and human trafficking.

For any decent, law-abiding American, to see a rape tree is to gaze upon the face of the enemy of civilization. To see the blood-stained ground beneath them is to behold the faces of their victims. Never forget that. When the proponents of illegal immigration and the liberal news media decry the Minutemen as "racists" and "vigilantes" ask them, "What about the rape trees?" Who besides the Minutemen are doing anything about the rape trees? And now that you know, if you do nothing, what does that say about you?" (source)

It would seem that any self-respecting feminist would have to be against the illegal immigration that gives these horrible people the power and opportunity to treat woman and children this way...

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