Monday, March 27, 2006

Peace Activists, Always SO Violent...

Sean Penn admitted (on Richard Johnson's "Page Six") that he does nasty things to his Ann Coulter doll. From what he says he not only tortures Ann's likeness, but also violates it in sexual ways. What a freak.

When you watch video of random "Peace protests" there is always red-faced vein-popping screaming, snatching signs, pushing and punching. Now we have another "peace activist" sexually torturing the likeness of a woman? Sean Penn, peace crusader and misogynist. I wonder how many protests there would be from this crowd if it was Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich,, Ollie North and Michelle Malkin down in GITMO...

"It's a good thing for Ann Coulter that Sean Penn doesn't know voodoo. Penn has a plastic Barbie-like doll of the right-wing pundit that he likes to torture on occasion. "We violate her," the ornery actor tells The New Yorker about his mini-Coulter. "There are cigarette burns in some funny places..." (source)

That's just weird... All that *I* do with my Ann Coulter doll is make her dance with the President... ;)

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