Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Parents Who Degrade the Office of the President...

...have children like this.

Before the triumph of the right in '04 I promised myself that if Kerry won I would be VERY careful what I said in front of my boys. I respect the office of the President and I want them to do the same. I want them to respect authority. I want them to have an opinion and a strong will, but I don't want them to be derelicts.

"He said it was a prank gone wrong, but police are taking a 13-year-old student's alleged threats against the president very seriously. Authorities have charged the teen with terroristic threatening, a felony.

The Ockerman Middle School student is accused of making threats against the city of Florence and the president of the United States in e-mails he allegedly sent to city officials, police said." (source)

Does the article say this boy's parents were Bush-hating lefties? No, it doesn't, but what 13 year old is even thinking about the President -let alone emailing threats...unless of course he's hearing it every day at home...

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