Friday, March 10, 2006

OMG, It was Killing me...

...not to say anything about AB being pregnant (I got her the pictured shirt...How cute is that?).

I was SO good about keeping the secret. I wasn't supposed to tell anyone and I only told Justrose, Liz, AG, Desult, PRM, and Ghost. That is SO good for me. LOL

Well, so now you all know why Aunt Bitchy has been living up to her name more than normal --and why her comments have been virtually indistinguishable from Free's, Ghost's and Jpck's... about 7 months Aunt Bitchy will become Mommy Bitchy --and I will be Aunt Awesome;) And thankfully she is like me and will find out the sex of he baby -so we will know by May if I will finally get my little girl!

...And in other Sage Family news --Happy Birthday to 92alpha! (Actually it was yesterday, but we're celebrating today)

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