Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mounting Ammunition Against Roe...

"My position has always been three exceptions: rape, incests and the life of the mother." Asked if he would include the broader category of health of the mother, Bush said: "No. I said life of the mother, and health is a very vague term, but my position has been clear on that ever since I started running for office." -President G.W. Bush, February 2006.

I wonder what certain Dems that proclaimed the no one really wanted Roe V. Wade overturned (especially politicians)are thinking now... in light of SCOTUS agreeing to hear the partial birth abortion law and South Dakota virtually outlawing abortion...

Now another challenge to Roe's validity has been brought to light. (Of course, Roe has no validity because there is no "protection of privacy" in the Constitution and a court had no right to decide this --this should be a state-by-state issue decided by the voting public...but I digress...)

Apparently a deciding factor to the judges that heard Roe Vs. Wade was evidence presented that mortality rate was higher with childbirth than with abortion. New studies released show that this information was most likely based on faulty data (women not reporting full histories). ( CDC Admits Its Abortion and Childbirth Mortality Statistics Are Not Comparable)

"Dr. Julie Louise Gerberding, director of the CDC, wrote in July of 2004, that maternal mortality rates and abortion mortality rates are conceptually different and are used by the CDC for different public health purposes. In other words, the CDC numbers relied upon by Planned Parenthood and AGI are not truly comparable."

"...Researchers from the National Research and Development Center for Welfare and Health in Finland. Its findings disputed the age-old presumption that abortion is linked to fewer deaths than is childbirth -- that is, when a woman's pregnancy history is examined linking her medical records to her death certificate.

With proper identification of pregnancy history, the death rate associated with abortion was found to be three times higher than the rate associated with childbirth." (source)

Yesterday the pro-life movement had another big triumph when the Supreme Court decided that RICO laws can no longer be brought against those that protest outside of clinics... (Ironic that the left has so actively tried to squash protest for so many years...would they agree to accept RICO charges should Roe be overturned and they protest?!)

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