Monday, March 13, 2006

Military Deserters

I will be very interested to hear from all the active duty military and especially the combat veterans what they think about this issue...

Allen Abney (currently 56), who fled the U.S. Marine Core in 1968 for Canada, is in custody at Camp Pendleton.

There have been many stories recently regarding the apprehension of wartime deserters (including the grandfather that was living in N. Korea). When I hear about these cases, my first reaction is always anger at Canada first. If they weren't so lackadaisical about accepting our cowards --if they didn't embrace them and make them may not happen as often...

This subject always reminds me of a story my mom used to tell me when I was little. My dad was off with the 4th infantry division in Vietnam and my mom was at a dance in Philly. She was only 19 and never thought much about the politics of the war -it was just a reality of the time. People in blue collar neighborhoods went when they were drafted -protests and deserting were things you saw on the news that rich college kids did...not regular people. Anyway, some guy asked her to dance and as they did the bunny hop (or whatever horrible dance people were doing in 1968) the guy was telling her how he was going to run to Canada. That was the first time the reality of the situation hit her and she was disgusted. This guy has the nerve to be there dancing bragging about his cowardice as her sorta-boyfriend was in a jungle somewhere being shot at. She told him to piss off. Good for her.

So what about these guys? Should they be prosecuted and imprisoned this many years after the fact? Should age absolve them? Is it fair to all those that fought and died in the wars they skipped out on if they are slapped on the wrist?

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