Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Milblogging Conference Update

The venue for the 2006 Milblog Conference has been announced. It will be Saturday, April 22nd in Academy Hall at the AED Conference Center in Washington DC. The suggestion is to make your hotel room reservations in the Rosslyn/Key Bridge area.

There is still nothing posted about a time for the event. I hope it's not in the morning... I was wrong, agenda is posted -thanks FBL! It IS in the morning --that could be problematic for The Man and I.

There is also a song called "Hidden Heroes" that can be downloaded for as little as a $1 (or as much as you want to donate) and will benefit the conference --excess will go to the veteransfoundation.org.

There is still room, you don't need an invite and you don't need to be a Milblogger... Sign Up Now...

Who’s going?

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