Monday, March 13, 2006

Marine Scout Snipers Needed...

...Can't we have someone take out the Phelps family? I mean would even the ACLU care at this point? Would anyone miss them? Fred Phelps' Westboro "church" was at it again harassing the family members of a soldier killed by an Iraqi bomb and the bikers that came out to shield the family from them. Laws to keep the protestors from the funerals are not expected to hold up in court. I really commend the family members and bikers that have kept their cool in the face of these (insert bad word). Most of us first heard of Phelps during the Matthew Sheppard funeral -and unfortunately he has not been the flash in the pan everyone hoped he would.

(*What does that sign mean? Laura Bush is a "Fag Pimp"?...whatever that is...)

...In more uplifting news - another professional football player is leaving the lush life of NFL stardom for the no-frills life of military service. Former Pittsburgh Steeler and St. Louis Ram, Jeremy Staat (29), graduated from the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Friday.

"I never felt right about making the money I was making," he said. "We pay millions of dollars to professional athletes and entertainers, yet we pay military service people pennies to a dollar, and they're the ones risking their lives."

To enlist, the 6-foot-5 player said he dropped from 310 to 260 pounds. He said three months of boot camp training gave him a deeper appreciation for team camaraderie.

"It's about looking out for your fellow soldier, and being ready to take a bullet for someone," he said." (source)

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