Friday, March 03, 2006

Limousine Liberals...

How much money does it cost to be Politically Correct?
The answer is a lot!
I'm not sure how the Republican Party is supposed to be the "rich party", yet most of the conservatives I know can't afford to indulge in the PC lifestyle that many of the liberals I know claim to lead...

I would LOVE to be a vegetarian...but who can go to the organic market everyday? Who has time to make the complex meals needed to simulate the blood protein that our bodies need to thrive?

I would love to drive a vehicle that used less gas. I also would love to keep my VERY low car payments. Having a hybrid is not an average American thing --it's a limousine liberal thing.

I'd love to be able to have no responsibilities and find time to protest every weekend and volunteer at all kinds of crunchy places.

I'd love to spend my life mired in academia.

But alas, shopping at the regular market is much more economic than Whole Foods. Keeping my Jeep is way more practical than buying a new car that still doesn't live up to its MPG promise. All these grand ideas proposed by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio never take into consideration the working stiff. Did they ever take one minute to think that it's not a "heartless republican" thing, but an economic one?

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