Thursday, March 16, 2006

Laws for PitBulls

...Yes, I am a dog person (as evidenced by my working at a vet for 9 years making 1/4 what I could have made anywhere else). BUT, I 150% agree with a Delaware lawmaker that just tried to get specific restrictions for pitbull owners put in place...

Zachary Grant was only 2 years old when he was attacked and killed by a pitbull. Dylan Reichard, 8 years old, was attacked while riding his bike and severely mauled. Destiny Campbell, just 3, was mauled and SCALPED by a pitbull. Doctors say she will never grow hair and are astonished she lived at all, she was hospitalized for over a month. These Delaware children are only the tip of the iceberg of lost lips, arms, eyes, legs and lives.

"The proposal, from Councilman Jea P. Street, would have required owners of specific breeds of pit bulls or pit bull mixes to muzzle their dogs while outside, post warning signs on their property and secure $100,000 in liability insurance." (source)

This does not seem unreasonable to me given the INHERENT nature of the breed. Muzzle your dog and have enough insurance to cover medical bills for when it attacks. For some reason the bill was voted down 11-2. Thankfully Councilman Street is not giving up. Pitbull owners should be grateful the breed hasn't been outlawed all together and do whatever it takes to prevent any more horrors like little Destiny.

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