Monday, March 20, 2006

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Plaque Would Hurt No One

"I have been following the current debate and letters back and forth about Wiccans. As a Christian, I probably would be one of the first to stand up in opposition if debating beliefs was an issue for me. Nonetheless, I am quite confident in my faith, and so I don’t feel threatened by Wiccanry, or by any other faith for that matter.

But regardless of mine or anyone else’s beliefs, I was disturbed to read the March 12 article “Wiccans waiting for VA to recognize their faith”. Who is it going to hurt by placing the symbol of Sgt. Patrick Stewart’s Wiccan faith upon his memorial plaque? He paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our nation, so shouldn’t his family have the dignity now of knowing that Stewart is memorialized with the correct religious symbol that represents his true beliefs?

Now here’s another question: Who’s it going to hurt if Stewart’s family is denied their petition? I think it eventually hurts all of us.

In a society that is already well on its way to singling out and forcing the removal of every symbol of my faith from out of the view of the public’s eye, we have a government of federal judges who are grossly misinterpreting the First Amendment. And I appreciate the fact that the Stewart family’s situation is no different.

I say put the symbol on there and allow the family to grieve their loss without fighting our government in the process. It changes nothing. Stewart was a Wiccan. And showing that fact upon his VA memorial plaque threatens no one. However, denying its placement threatens religious freedom for us all."

-Chief Warrant Officer Dean Bailey, K-16 Air Base, South Korea (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

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