Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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Stay Home, ‘Baghdad Cindy’

(RE: Cindy Sheehan to Bring Anti-War Message to Germany) AND (Cindy Sheehan Arrested After U.N. March *Look at the picture with the story, what a freak...)

Not only do I agree with the majority of the community concerning the Cindy Sheehan visit, I agree with the writer of “Obligation to fight atrocity”: America must stand up against evil powers, as countries like France and Germany will not. These countries still believe if you turn the other cheek, or speak no evil against, you will be left unscathed.

The fanatic lunatics who commit atrocities against their own people and other countries will only prosper and grow stronger. I believe that when an article such as the one stating German intelligence provided defense plans of Baghdad to the U.S. in 2003 reaches the media, there must be some truth to it (just like it was proven some misguided soldiers abused Iraqi prisoners). The Germans deny this — it might cause the lunatics to commit terrorist acts on German soil. God forbid that, but wake up, Germany and France, you are in this along with the rest of the world.

The lunatics committing terrorism in the name of their god have no tolerance for anyone except their religion; they can slander ours, as we are “infidels,” but don’t dare slander theirs.

I share condolences for anyone who lost a loved one not only in Iraq, but anywhere, any time, including Sheehan. We and the soldiers don’t need her support or opinion; she needs ours.

I haven’t forgotten “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, and now we have another like her in the midst. Please, “Baghdad Cindy,” stay home. You’re not welcome here.

-Sgt. 1st Class Kenneth A. Cox (Ret), Stuttgart, Germany (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

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