Thursday, March 16, 2006

Humvee Down

It seems that many of you are tougher than me --you are not ready to give up on the will of the Iraqi people. You want the troops to stick it out for that ideal of Democratic utopia... I was right there with you until about a month ago.

It's stories like this (with accompanying video) that deflate me. Literally make me have physical pains in my chest. Our men and women are dying for people that want to kill them --for people that don't give a shit –or maybe are just incapable of caring about anyone but themselves and "Allah's will"...

It's not that I don't have staying power. I could support staying the course if the people wanted it. If they weren't still killing our guys and each other. If they could live like human beings instead of animals.

But this...


The children climb down into the crater left by an explosion and start picking up scraps of twisted metal. "Allah is great!" they shout before the camera hones in to show what one boy is holding: torn fabric, the colour of the camouflage fatigues worn by US troops. The next scene shows the same children holding aloft a human leg, shreds of the same camouflage fabric hang from it and the foot is clad in a military-style boot. The children trample the leg and kick it around in the dust.

"Today the Americans came to these parts and the buried bomb blew up their Hummer vehicle," says a teenage boy, adding, "if Allah wants it, the mujahadeen will win."

This grisly footage, purportedly shot in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, has appeared in the form of a three-minute video on the Internet. It marks the latest attempt by Jihadist militants to exploit children for propaganda purposes." (source)

..and yet we are supposed to embrace tolerance. Please.

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